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Starfish Sized for Eventbrite

Photo and Article by Paula Drouin, Founder and President of ADR International Group Inc. January 8th, 2015

Adding action to my previous blog I have decided to organize the first M & M Café to provide an opportunity for new, or past, graduates and working mediators in the Edmonton Area to come together to co-create some mentoring opportunities.  I am open to having the group co-create a new name as well. Perhaps “Mentoring like a Starfish”.

This first meeting of GREAT MINDS will be hosted by me at my office.  If the event gets too big we can move downstairs to La Crema Café. Struggling graduates and seasoned mediators welcome!

The GOAL for the first meeting will be to hear from graduates who are experiencing a slump since graduating and are struggling to get: meaningful experiences; opportunities to master the theory and skills; opportunities to contribute to their community; and/or to get meaningful practise time or support.  Once we have created a list of the challenges you are facing then we can work together to brainstorm some possible options to fill the gap between training and applying what you have learned in a meaningful way.

I hope to see many of you next Friday night!  This is the link to register:


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