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How We Work

How we work with lawyers

We are here to work with you. With the New Rules of Court in effect, selecting an ADR Professional to work with, or simply to recommend to your clients, can be a frightening proposition for a few reasons. You may not fully understand the various ADR Options and your role within them. You may want a confidential assessment of a file to determine the most appropriate ADR option to recommend. You may want our help when “what you think is best for your client” differs from what the client wants. You may just need an ADR Professional who can answer some general questions about ADR options, or provide some individual training or group training.

We will provide a Process Consultation prior to entering into a contract for services.

How we work with employers

We are often contracted by employers to assist with the resolution of workplace disputes. In these cases we will help the employer analyze the conflicts and disputes in their area of responsibility to determine the option that would provide them with the most value for the cost and the most likely to mend and enhance the working relationships. After an initial conversation with the employer or Human Resource Professional, we will interview the disputing parties to determine willingness and readiness to resolve. If it is determined that it is determined that mediation is an appropriate option, then pre-mediation support will be provided to the parties to help them prepare for their participation. The preparation will include: clearly identifying the issues; identifying what is most important about each issue; exploring possible solutions.

Preparation will include: Preparing to speak in a manner that will increase the chances of being understood by the other party; and preparing to listen in a way that will provide an opportunity to hear the perspective of the other party. All parties to the mediation will be required to sign an Agreement to Mediate.

How we work with disputing parties

We understand that when our clients are dealing with an emotionally charged dispute they require the assistance of a professional to help them analyze the conflict, clearly identify the negotiable issues, identify what is most important to them, and explore available process options and possible solutions. This is why we will first spend time with each party to help them analyze the dispute and identify the most appropriate dispute resolution process. Once a dispute resolution process has been agreed upon, we then prepare the party/parties to powerfully and appropriately present their case. If our clients are working with a lawyer we will also work with the lawyer to ensure everyone has input into the process selected, and feels fully prepared to participate effectively in the resolution of the issues.

How we work with government and private industry

We understand that spending has to be justified and frequently private industry and sometimes government department don’t have a budget line item for dispute resolution. We will help you determine the most economical use of your financial and human resources being applied to resolve disputes. Interpersonal, Inter/Intra Departmental, Multi-party, or contractual.

We are educated, experienced and prepared to:
•  Conduct a Conflict Analysis.
•  Design a Dispute Resolution System or help write Conflict Management and Dispute
    Resolution Policies.
•  Prepare your representatives for negotiations, or act as a contracted negotiator
    working on your behalf.
•  Prepare your staff to participate in mediation.
•  Conduct mediations.
•  Facilitate Multi-party negotiations or Town Hall Meetings.
•  Provide various levels of ADR Training including: conflict management, negotiation
    and mediation.

How we work in the area of complaints against police officers

With the new Police Act in Alberta making ADR processes available for the resolution of complaints against police officers, complainants, police officers and police union representative have many questions. We are prepared to answer your questions about the options available, prepare you to participate effectively in the option chosen, and facilitate most of the ADR processes available. We have experience assessing, preparing parties for, and mediating these files. We also have experience delivering conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation training and services to various policing agencies in Alberta.